Motivational & Self Discovery

Live Simple. Relax. Inspire. These are things Pamela wants to help you discover in your own life. She spent years researching, studying and implementing different forms of soul-searching, healing and self-improvement into her life. She wants to share this with others now and help lift them. Whether one-on-one, a small workshop or a large group setting, Pamela will share her experiences with healing.

One-on-One Sessions

Pamela wants you to see your self-worth. Several ways she can assist through one-on-one sessions include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Serve as a guide you as you funnel through emotions

  • Teaching meditation practices  to channel your inner feelings

  • Techniques for better efficiency in your life to reduce stress

Women Workshops

Pamela has battled many tough issues as a woman. She wants to use those experiences and her healing processes to help other women embrace their beauty. She wants to motivate them to see their worth and potential as a woman.

Speaking Engagements/Large Group Sessions

Pamela wants to help people grow. As a motivational speaker, she wants to share her strife, her healing and her accomplishments. She wants to motivate others to improve their lives, overcome pain, reduce stress and find true happiness.

You may use the contact form at the right to begin building your positive message program.

NOTE: Different formats geared for seminars or workshops will be discussed so that it is customized and tailored to what you have in mind.

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