Life's Little Lessons


Wow! Have things been busy!

Sorry I haven't been on here lately but I have been in high gear!  Good things, even the not so good things have been great lessons.  Quick highlights, I learned it's ok to have aggrivation with others.  You see, sometimes I become frustrated that people don't the have that passion to do right in a negative situation.  They don't seem to have the compassion for others that I do.  Uplifting people is something we should all do in my opinion.  Then I began to feel bad that I felt that way I am supposed to be better than that. I finally had a person point out to me that my conflict was I had within me was actually the issue.  It's ok to be aggrieved at the actions of others, I am just a human at the end of the day.  So are you, so give yourself a little slack.  And as always, have good things happen!


New Year, New Day!

So another chance to create a marker of new beginnings.  I haven't been on here as much as I should.  I have been buisy creating, working on my paradise in the back.  So it is time to take a stride, lighten the walk.  Remember, the hardest part of change is the first step!  


Thirty days in!

Building this crazy bubble behind the house!   Like I always say, "Start creating and stop reacting to life! "  I think maybe I even surprised myself on this one!  Go big or go home!  Keep dreaming and good things will happen! 


Keep the Momentum Forward

Do you have a dream?  Something you have always wanted to do or create?  Go for it!  Think big and move the energy to it.  Hold that thought, pray for it and know that it is coming.  Everyday research,  begin the process of bringing it to fruition.  You can do this!  Good things WILL happen if you own it!


Sometimes Relationships Change

Even the best and longest of friendships can go south.  Even if you are the one being hurt, you have to ask yourself this.   What is my part in this?  What have I done to allow this to progress to this point?  Maybe at one point you needed help in making choices and they just kept bossing you.  As you grew, you kept giving them the power to push their opinions at you.  Then when you do stand up, you are a horrible person.  Don't let someone else make you feel like the bad guy, maybe if they had heard some of your thoughts, everyone would have grown.   Sometimes you just have to let go and hope the best for them, as you continue your path.  Believe in yourself and have good things happen friend.