About Pamela

Pamela is a survivor of both abuse and addiction. She has faced several difficulties throughout her life. It was during a visit with a counselor, that she had a profound moment. The counselor simply stated, “Shit happens! You have to move on!” It was then that Pamela realized you have to stop living in the past, and start living for the future.

Pamela sought out answers and comfort and spent years in search of inner peace. In hopes of connecting with a Higher Power, she studied a multitude of religions, such as Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism and  Universal Healing. The way of life that resonated the most with Pamela was the Native American way of life. She calls herself a crossfire - a Native American Christian.

Until we take the time to educate ourselves on other cultures, we have no right to judge another's way of life.

One of the most difficult heartaches Pamela has encountered is the loss of her late husband, Willie, who was not only her best friend, but her teacher. Click here to read an article featured in the The Eldon Advertiser, written by Tammy Witherspoon, that shares the story of Pamela and Willie. 

Pamela states that her late husband was the epitome of unconditional love, and she wants to share that love with others. She has taken the time to discover the skills and techniques needed to overcome and inspire her. She wants to share the healing experience with others. She isn’t telling you anything you don’t already know in your heart, she is just helping you in your journey to healing and happiness.

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